A list of our most frequently asked questions! Is your question not covered in our FAQ section? Don't hesitate to contact us.
What are the conditions I have to meet to book at Rotterdam2Stay?
Please check this page for our income-requirements.
Can I reserve a studio for a particular month and book in advance?
This is unfortunately not possible. The apartments that are published every week are normally available 30 days after being published. We do not work with waiting lists or prior reservations.
Are there any common areas in the building?
Rotterdam2Stay has a rooftop terrace and two meeting points which are accessible by all tenants, a great way to connect with your neighbors.
How long can I stay?
For all contracts the minimum stay is 6 months. For regular contracts the contract will be extended for an indefinite period and you may cancel your tenancy agreement at any time with a 30-day notice. For (tower 40) campus contracts the maximum stay depends on your student status.
What is a campus contract?
A campus contract is a rental agreement for residences intended for students. This contract specifies that you can only live in this accommodation if you are a student and is applicable to the studios of tower 40 of our building DNA. Read more about Rental agreements.
Do I need to register to see the available studios?
An online account is not necessary to see the available studios/apartments. But it is needed when you want to book and registering in advance is recommended as it saves you time during the booking process.
Can I extend my Short Stay contract?
The long term stay possibility is only for contracts starting after January 1, 2017. If you have a starting date in 2016, it's unfortunately not possible to extend your contract.
How can I pay?
You can choose to pay via iDeal (if you have a Dutch bank account) or you can pay by creditcard.
Why do I have to pay an administration fee?
When booking a studio or apartment at DNA, the lessor of the building charges a one-time registration fee of €150,- (incl. VAT) consisting of administration and contract costs.
Does Rotterdam2Stay help you find alternative housing?
No, that is your own responsibility.
Who is behind Rotterdam2Stay?
The brothers Zjef and Stijn Bogers are the founders of Holland2Stay. Rotterdam2Stay is a part of the Holland2Stay group. Holland2Stay stands for Smart Stay! All of our modern and stylish accommodations are completely furnished and self-contained. Ready for you to move in right away and to enjoy your privacy for an affordable price. Read more about us here.
Which studios can I book?
In this building we have three towers: 40, 50 and 60.
If you are a fulltime student, you can book a studio from any tower.
If you are working, you can only book in tower 50 and 60.
When available studios are online it will be very clear which ones are only for students.
How do I know which studios and apartments are available?
Every Tuesday between 10:00h and 10:15h, our registered members will receive an email notification when the available properties are online. If you see a suitable property, make sure to book it immediately because it can get very crowded on our website. After payment of the downpayment of €300 of your deposit and our approval you are assured of getting this residence. If your booking is not approved, the payment of €300 will be refunded.
Is there another way to book?
Booking a studio is only possible through our website.
Why is the website slow?
Please be advised to only be logged in with one account on one device at the time. We are currently experiencing extremely high demand for our studios. This unfortunately means that the competition to book a studio is quite tough. This also causes a high number of traffic refreshing the website and makes our website slow. Remember that we are continuously fully booked and only have a limited amount of available studios per week.
Why is it that sometimes I don't see any available studios?
When you are on our Book now page and you don't see any new available studios, it means the available studios have been booked already. The number of available properties offered by Rotterdam2Stay differs each month. In some weeks, several properties will be offered, in other weeks there could be no available properties at all. Unfortunately, we are unable to tell the exact number of available properties beforehand. This is because our tenants have a 30 days’ notice of cancellation. Which explains why the published studios and apartments are always available within the next 30 days.
What details do I need to fill in during booking?
During booking, you need to fill in your personal details and you are required to upload a copy of your ID or passport.
When do I receive my contract?
You will receive your concept contract by email after your you have paid the downpayment of your deposit and we approved your contract. We will sign the contract together during the check-in. Your contract is exactly the same as the concept contract. So you will know exactly what is in it and what you are going to sign.
Can I also rent an empty/not furnished residence?
No, unfortunately that is not possible. All studios and apartments are furnished and are completed according to an inventory list.
Will I automatically get the residence of my choice?
Normally, yes. Though 2 people may be booking the same residence at the same time. The payment of the administration fee will first be processed, but we will receive a message when the residence is double booked. The person who was the last to book (and this can be a matter of seconds) will be refunded of the fee immediately or will be contacted for a suggestion of another residence. Also if, for one reason or another, we can't rent the home to you, we will refund the entire amount immediately.
Why can't I complete the payment of a booking?
When you are at the payment part of a booking and you are unable to complete your payment, it usually means the studio has already been booked by someone else. The website will redirect you to a message about the studio not being available anymore. Though, during high traffic on our website, it will redirect you to the Home page instead. This problem is known to us and we are currently working on it to solve this issue.
Which homes do I have to register for if I want to live there with my partner?
All apartments which have a separated bedroom. This is only possible if you are a couple. Two friends (male or female) living together in an apartment/studio is not allowed.
Am I guaranteed to get a residence when I have paid the deposit in advance?
You only pay the downpayment of the deposit to confirm that you agree with the residence you booked. When you have paid these costs and we have approved your application, you are assured to get the home. Within 48 hours after payment the tenancy agreement will be sent to you. If we reject your application, your payment will be refunded.
Can I cancel my booking?
You may cancel your booking no later than 14 days before the start of your tenancy. When cancelling we deduct an administration fee of €35 from the booking fee. Any cancellation requests received with less than 14 days notice (from the start date of your tenancy) will result in the forfeiting of any fees paid by that time. Please note if you cancel a booking, your account may be not be activated to allow a new booking for up to 20 working days after your cancellation request.
Paying rent
How much is the rent?
It is different for each type of residence. All rents are stated in our list of residences.
Can I choose when the rent is withdrawn from my account?
No, we withdraw the rent on the last working day of the month prior to the month to be paid. So, for example on October 30, 2016 we will withdraw the rent for the month of November.
Can I also pay the rent a certain time in advance?
No, we collect the monthly rent via direct debit.
Can I pay the rent in installments?
No, the rent will be collected each month.
When am I eligible for a housing allowance?
See housing allowance. Rotterdam2Stay will be glad to assist you with the application of your housing allowance if you meet the requirements.
During tenancy
Can I use the contract to register at the town register?
Yes, that is why the contract has our signature. You can (maximum 30 days) in advance as of the effective date of the contract at the town register.
Can someone else stay at my home (for example when I am abroad)?
No, that is not allowed.
Can I terminate the rent prematurely?
Yes, you can. After you have completed the minimum stay of 6 months, you may cancel your contract at any time with a notice period of 30 days. This can be done through your online account.
When will I be notified about the termination of my lease period?
About 2-3 weeks before your tenancy ends we will make an appointment for a final property inspection.
Can I extend my contract after the first lease period?
No, that is not possible. When the temporary contract ends, you have to leave the studio flat. Between two lease periods at least one year must pass.
What is the Young Professionals Meeting Point (YPMP)?
At the top of towers B and C you will find Young Professional Meeting Points with a wonderful view. This space is intended for studying, meeting and both literally and figuratively broadening your horizons. It is the ideal place for students to work on group assignments or for your entrepreneurs who want to host their business relations in a professional setting. The area also has wireless internet.
How does the Miele launderette work?
In your studio or apartment there is not always enough room for a washing machine and dryer. It may not be easy to dry your washing in the studio flat. The perfect solution is the communal launderette in the building, a communal area where you can wash and dry your clothes, maybe even at pre-established and booked times. The launderette has modern, professional Miele washing machines and dryers which must ensure that your clothes stay nicer for longer. Whether it is wool, silk, denim or cotton, thanks to the many special washing and drying cycles and the unique Miele SoftCare drum, every type of textile will get the treatment it deserves. Besides, the Miele washing machines and dryers are Professional, guaranteeing quick washing and drying cycles. How does it work? At the check-in you will get a tag on loan which gives you access to "My Launderette".

What can you do?
  • Upgrade your balance of Miele Wash-tag via iDeal or credit card
  • Book your washing slot online
  • Turn on/off text reminders for your reservation
  • Set your own password
  • At the launderette you can also login to My Launderette via the washing machines
On the machine you can:
  • Check your balance
  • Make reservations in the My Launderette system
  • Set a text reminder for the reservation or when your laundry is ready
Advantages of the Launderette:
  • Digital reservation and payment system
  • Special quick cycles with professional Miele equipment
  • Fair breakdown of energy costs and reasonable prices. The price for washing is approximately €2,35, without washing powder. You can buy the detergent of your choice. The price for drying will be approx. €2,35
  • No more drying your laundry at your studio
  • More room in your home/bathroom
  • Meet people
  • WiFi at the launderette
Service costs
What is covered by the service costs?
  • A part of the costs for the caretaker.
  • Electricity/water/heating for the communal areas.
  • Cleaning of the communal areas.
  • Replacement of lamps in the communal areas.
  • Special service maintenance contracts.
  • Window cleaning outside.
  • Administration fee.
What is covered by other deliveries and services?
  • The depreciation of furniture and upholstering.
  • Advance payments for gas, water and electricity.
  • Basic TV subscription.
  • Fast internet, wired in the residences and wifi in common rooms.
  • Costs of the CCTV surveillance system.
  • Administration fee.
Are the service costs included in the rent?
Yes, the service costs are included in the all-in price.
What to do when one of the services fails?
Let us know by sending in a ticket through your online account, by mailing us or, when it's an emergency, by calling us. We will try to solve it as soon as possible.
What are the rental deposit rules?
If you studio flat is clean, and you can show us the proof of deregistration issued by the local authorities or proof of registration at another address and nothing is broken or significantly damaged, your deposit will be refunded after 4 weeks into your bank account. We would prefer to return the full deposit to everyone as this would mean that everything was left behind clean and tidy. We therefore request our tenants to clean their flats as thoroughly as possible. When the cleanliness is not up to our standard, cleaning will be outsourced and the cost will be deducted from your deposit. Cleaning is minimum 1.5 hours and will cost at least €45.
Why am I receiving an annual statement of the service costs?
Part of the service costs cover your usage of water, electricity, and heating in your apartment. These costs amount to a fixed price, which is based on an average monthly usage and is included in your rent. However, the usage of your water, heating, and electricity differs each day. The settlement department calculates your services’ usage once a year, before July 31st. This is the reason for which we are sending out an email, which includes the annual statement of your service costs. The annual statement is an overview of the pre-paid service costs compared to your actual usage. See more here.

My question is not listed here. How can I reach you?
Email is preferred, but you can also call us! Find our contact details here.